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  #7755 Syrian's Brotherhood
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A place to gather friends... work in progress. But beware: The Latrine will one day be the Military Clan that conquers all. Mark our words: Poop shall be dealt with it. You have been warned. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid. Especially of Calamity...

VISIT THE LATRINE! http://www.lordswm.com/house_info.php?id=998

Clan activities:

We mostly stare at each other.
And we also use the Clan's Latrine.
And... we have a dubious sense of humour. The Leader does, at least.

Clan Heroes: Arctic, Pang and Edwin. They are the ones who keep our Latrine going. You all know this in your heart. Respect.
(Rumour has it that they have a Phd in "Science of Sweeping")

Eternal gratitude to Lord Hallion91. He knows why. (No, it has nothing to do with glory holes, you pervert!)
Btw, "eternal" here lasts until someone flushes the toilet. After that, a whole new cycle of eternity begins.


The other Factions as seen by the Master Race (Dark Elves):

-Knights exist because we need someone to stand still along our cities' walls, looking pretty in armour (while boasting personalities as deep and interesting as mashed potatoes);

-Necromancers exist because they're evil and we don't throw away corpses before they're put to full use - they're natural born recyclers;

-Wizards exist because we need recreational "potions";

-Tribals exist because they put "Dumb" in "Dumb & Dumber", and that makes us laugh;

-Barbarians exist because they put the "Dumber" in "Dumb & Dumber", and that's hilarious;

-Demons exist because their Mistresses are too hot to pass on (pun intended);

-Dwarves exist because they piss off Knights and Wizards, which we very much enjoy;

-And finally, Elves exist because we haven't killed them yet. They're like, our retard cousins, that spend their lives running around naked in the woods for no apparent reason. Idiots.

This vision is not exclusively ours, of course: we share it with anyone showcasing an IQ of 3 digits (to tribals and barbarians: that means "at least averagely smart", try to keep up, ok?)
If it offends anyone, please make the biggest fuss possible. It's not that we care, it's just that we find your indignation to be very amusing.


1.Не в игре #7490Lord Syrian 18 Creator of the Clan's Latrine. A God, of sorts. 
2.Не в игре Vlaer 8 The first guy to use the latrine 
3.Не в игре #4201Magier 12 First guy to complain about the cleanliness of the latrine 
4.Не в игре #7705Lord KD 15 The guy who messed up the latrine 
5.Не в игре #7490Lady Laitha 15 I had to make a latrine for women because of her 
6.Не в игре #7490Lord jogamen 16 RIP, my friend. Until we meet again... 
7.Не в игре #1209Edwin 18 I needed a bouncer for the latrine 
8.Не в игре Corey 16 The first guy Ed kept off the latrine. Still waiting... 
9.Не в игре #104Мирий 21 Latrine's vodka supplier (I figured we need one) 
10.В бою #7705girlcoolline 20 Second user of the women’s latrine. Laitha was lonely 
11.Не в игре #7705Sir Jedi Knight 20 Convinced me to install a Sewage Treatment System 
12.Не в игре #4201Arctic 13 System didn’t work; I needed a guy to clean the latrine 
13.Не в игре Pang 14 I needed a guy to help Arctic clean the latrine 
14.Не в игре #4201Lord Khellendros 16 I needed a guy to supervise the last two 
15.Не в игре #7705Dionysus 18 I needed a guy to laugh at the last four 
16.Не в игре kushagra5 7 Severely constipated. Check his profile, see for yourself. 
17.Не в игре Elrond 14 “Lord of the Rings” characters are free to use the latrine 
18.Не в игре #7705Lord Hallion91 15 The guy who uses the latrine too much 
19.В игре #1209SuperBacon 18 If you eat too much of this, you’ll be like Hallion 
20.Не в игре #7705Lord STB 14 Finally, we have an Enchanted Latrine! 5x12... 
21.Не в игре Asesino21 14 Comics supplier. We are all literate ppl. I think. 
22.Не в игре #7490Arcanide 17 Turns out we can barely read. Arc is teaching us. 
23.Не в игре #7490cyberclops 14 This digital eye was drawn to the latrine. Sauron's doing. 
24.В игре #7490vicky666 14 Performs dark rituals in the latrine. Sauron's doing, too. 
25.Не в игре Lisbon 15 Embossed toilet roll supplier 
26.Не в игре Instinctivity 8 Primal instincts needing relief. Remember to flush. 
27.Не в игре Igles 10 Keeper of the latrine's state of the art surveillance system 
28.Не в игре #9595siddi1111 11 Latrine's wi-fi internet supplier 
29.Не в игре #7705legend-bouc 14 "Electrified gold-plated toilet seats" installer 
30.Не в игре Mage Forever 6 Latrine's ventilation manager (shakes feathers around) 
31.В игре #7490MrBattleControl 15 Poker Table manager & House dealer 
32.Не в игре K5isback 9 Mini-Bar service & maintenance 
33.Не в игре HoLyKiNg- 7 Playstation, Xbox and Wii consoles & games provider 
34.Не в игре #1209Platomic I 17 Latrine's marketing director 
35.Не в игре Anony-mouse 12 *LATRINE CIRCUS SHOW* Trapeze artist 
36.Не в игре #7705Ur_End_Is_Here 12 *LATRINE CIRCUS SHOW* Animal trainer 
37.Не в игре tribal_pride 7 *LATRINE CIRCUS SHOW* Tightrope walker 
38.Не в игре #7705JP_Alexander 11 Latrine's whisky supplier (I figure we need one) 
39.Не в игре ayush20 14 Latrine's gift bag distributer 
40.Не в игре sir jed knight 8 Plumber exorcist, he purges hell everyday 
41.Не в игре #7705astorgate 17 Spanish Guitar: Flamenco, Mariachi & Thrash Metal 
42.Не в игре Ратон 11 Mad Scientist: Stool Analisys Department 
43.Не в игре Naturef 12 Laxatives supplier (Hal figured we need one) 
44.Не в игре Ajith 15 Resident comedian - Poop jokes 
45.Не в игре Epsileon 9 Human Resources Department (tending to the dead bodies) 
46.Не в игре Slim Shady III 7 Latrine's Karaoke DJ 
47.Не в игре TheGodly 7 Latrine's Hot Dog Vendor 
48.Не в игре ApoorvAgarwal 6 "Je suis Charlie" Cartoonist 
49.Не в игре #7153Queen_Amanda 11 Head of the Latrine's Royal House 
50.Не в игре Black Fog 14 The sort of fog Hal leaves behind him after a poop 
51.В игре DoomX 9 Latrine's TV Broadcast - Reporter 
52.Не в игре Vegeta30 9 Latrine's TV Broadcast - Producer 
53.Не в игре Angons 10 Latrine's TV Broadcast - Cameraman 
54.Не в игре mohitgupta2 6 Latrine's TV Broadcast - Weatherman 
55.Не в игре Lord midnight-shadow 15 "Latrine Evil Corporation" - CEO 
56.Не в игре TechnoFreak 9 "Latrine Evil Corporation" - Black Market Trader 
57.  #8026Lord ElvenKnight15 "Latrine Evil Corporation" - Hostile Takeovers 
58.Не в игре #7279Shiningstarr 15 "Latrine Evil Corporation" - OFC Specialist 
59.Не в игре #7490Yukiter_Amano 15 Champion of the yard in cleaning of potato 
60.Не в игре #7490-_NO--NAME_- 13 Dudeist preacher, needs no name 
61.Не в игре #7705M3L3 17 Engineered the idea of "flushing " into the Air 
62.Не в игре Renegade Junker 8 Using his junk properly 
63.Не в игре #7705paladinleader 15 Official "Paladin of the Latrine" 
64.Не в игре Pravin J 9 Potions Smuggler 
65.Не в игре chikish 12 Birthday: August 30th. Send him gifts! 
66.Не в игре #7490Eldric 14 Latrine's prankster 
67.Не в игре Lord_Maxi 9 Dishwasher. Kidding, we have a machine for that. 
68.В игре Calamity 16 The Heavenly Welcomer to visitors 
69.Не в игре SimeonP 12 Latrine's Fly Swatter 
70.Не в игре #7705Luffy 14 Just entered to waste 500 of my gold. Dammit! 
71.Не в игре VijuT 8 24/7 Concierge Service 
72.Не в игре Ingenious 14 Expert Plumber 
73.Не в игре #1209RecorderPT 20 FC Porto fan. Damn I hate this guy... 
74.В бою #7705Modi 18 My Brother, the Duke of Hate 
75.Не в игре #7490Mega Demon 11 [Motorcycle Club] Pagans 
76.Не в игре #7490Darkk Kknight 8 [Motorcycle Club] Bandidos 
77.Не в игре #7705Lee Da Bin 12 [Motorcycle Club] Outlaws 
78.Не в игре #7490Acean 11 [Motorcycle Club] Hells Angels 
79.Не в игре Cupcake 8 Quit Skype and go study! 
80.Не в игре Fk-u 10 Cashier 
81.Не в игре #7490Botmun 13 [Houseworks] Gardener 
82.Не в игре #928Мишкоатль 16 [Houseworks] Electrician 
83.Не в игре airtel 7 [Houseworks] Carpenter 
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