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 » Глава: SwiftGirl

 » Глашатай: z_j_cd, CatTail

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This clan is a club for Survival Tournament lovers.

Membership requirement:
Entry fee: 555 gold.
Combat Level: 5+
Pre-requisite: at least 5 participation of previous Survival tournaments, or at least 1 medal won.

You can get:
ST strategies via clan mail.
ST wave information of given combat level by request.

Other clan services:
@SwiftGirl: 90% repair for 99% cost.
@z_j_cd: 4x10 Weapon enchanter
ST equipment lease:
Sword of cold: 270/battle
Flame dagger: 220/battle
Bow of light: 210/battle
Clover of fortune: 200/battle

1.Не в игре #1209SwiftGirl 18 Famehall: [Elf]41-6-17 
2.В игре #7705z_j_cd 17 Famehall: [Elf]12-13-8 [Bar]24-10-3 [Ins]0-1-0 
3.Не в игре #18CatTail 21 Famehall: [Kni]1-12-10 
4.Не в игре #7279Erathia 18 Famehall: [Elf]5-10-10 [DE]2-5-5 
5.Не в игре Mycroft 15 Famehall: [Wiz]2-4-2 
6.Не в игре #7279GGW 18 Famehall: [Dem]1-17-29 
7.В игре #7279kingyb 16 Famehall: [Kni]9-15-11 
8.Не в игре #7705randomr1 15 Famehall: [Elf]1-1-0 
9.Не в игре #7490Night Crawler 15 Famehall: [DE]3-6-2 [Ins]1-1-0 
10.Не в игре LoneShadow 14 Famehall: [Wiz]3-5-6 
11.Не в игре w1Nd riDER 14 Famehall: [Wiz]10-4-1 
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