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Clan Elite Hunters is a group of players who regularly hunt monsters.We hunt alone or together, talk and have fun free and dangerous, but calm and wise.
The goal of this Clan is to create place for hunters of this World. Meeting new people, making friends, hunting together and gaining new knowledge thats why this Clan appeared.
We dont pay taxes to anyone or challenge the wars under the banner of our Clan. Each of us is free to choose his own path, for good or evil. We live by the laws of this free world and do whatever we want. When we do it right, we find friends and fame, when we do it wrong, we are lost alone.

There are 3 main laws for warriors of Elite Hunters:
1. Whenever your co-claner asks you for a help, do it (if you are not busy at the moment or waiting for something important or colleague hunter is in personal black list);
2. Whatever happens, however hunt ends elite hunters will never abuse each other or hurt in some way. If you see a mistake of partner in hunt - tell it him in plain words. You can always reject invitation for hunt if you dont want to assist a player.
3. Each hunter must follow the General Rules of Game.

Responsibilities of Elite Hunter:
-Follow 3 rules of Clan;

Opportunities of elite hunter:
- You can always see which co-clan hunter is online. So you can easily make message and find a partner for hunt.
- Hunting together is not all the life. Find new friends, create your own group of trusted friend-hunters.
- Knowledge is power. Its easy to find new tricks and tips when you are surrounded by experienced ppl.
- Create your own social image. System of rangs in clan shows your position in society of free hunters.

System of hunters status.
Not all the warriors, who succeds in hunt is a true hunters. Like not all the man are warriors. Thats why we differ novice, unexperienced Hunters, skilled professional Elite Hunters and the best of us - Suprime Hunters.

Hunter is a warrior, who had at least 60 succesfull hunts. He should be out of any charges of breaking Games laws.

Elite hunter is a hunter, who had at least 200 succesfull hunts and at least 2 marks in top hunters list(first, second or third place). They should be out of any charges of breaking Games laws.

Supreme Hunters are champions of hunt. Pretender should have at least 3 marks in top hunters list(first, second or third place) and at least one of records should be the best result of faction of current level(1st place in Top Hunter's list).

Each Hunter must know THIS:

Attacking neutral creatures is only possible anytime the regular combat is possible:
1) Your troops must be 100% ready;
2) Your character must not be in a combat challenge;
3) Your character must have company of troops recruited in the army.

1.   Smoker 6 Just a Hunter 
2.   Lord Agelage 11 Supreme Hunter [Destroyer of Ogre Magi and Behemoths] 
3.   Lord Ivor 7 Elite Hunter 
4.   Wolfkreis 3  
5.   Lord Darkness_Lord 8  
6.   IDOL 6 Elite Hunter 
7.   Lord Wolfgar 6  
8.   akwamaryn 6  
9.   kusonagi 10  
10.   Lord Uraken 12 Elite Hunter 
11.   Gratch 8 Elite Hunter 
12.   vivekvel 5  
13.   Tellourios 7  
14.   shanmughavel 7  
15.   Lord iDie 6  
16.   Karmerruk 10  
17.   Lord Mizrael 7  
18.   jazcobo 7  
19.   ForestFighter 10  
20.   #7365Iam 14  
21.   robinwilliam 9  
22.   QueenDoom 5  
23.   GothicKnight 9  
24.   Razorwolf 5  
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