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  #7141 The Black Hearted
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 » Глава: Lady Velora

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The Black Hearted clan was created to give a helping hand to all members with tournaments and repairing artifacts. If you need help with anything along those lines read the section of this description that applies to what you need.

1: You -MUST- play by all H.O.W.M game rules
2: You -MUST- pay back all loans on time or you will be BLACK LISTED
3: You -MUST- pay tax or you will BLACK LISTED and RED LISTED
4: You -MUST- be at least combat level 3
5: Don't go in a no-arts battle with arts

Step 1: Send Velora a message telling her you wish to join an why.
Step 2: Wait for Velora's reply
Step 3: Send Velora half of the cost for invitation (375 gold)
Step 4: Activate you invitation (bottom right hand corner)

You need to be in the clan for at least 3 week to get a loan.
Loans can be no more than 3,000 gold due to people not paying thier loans back. A second loan can only be asked for once the first one is mostly payed off and a week must have passed by.
All loans have to be payed back with an extra 10% of the totoal loan given.


Once you have become a trusted member of waric's clan you can apply for a job.
All jobs will result in the player being a more direct influence in the clan so
there for must be a trusted member. The player in the clan that has a job will only
have to pay 50% of the tax required each week and will only have to pay 75% of thier
loans back. When applying for a job ask Velora which positions are available if any are.

current jobs:
Treasurer: Velora
Recruiter: zydeco14
Chronicler: Velora
Herald: Velora
Official Blacksmith: Marked One
Official Enchanter: Marked one,H4nd



All members pay the same amount of tax regardless of thier level. All tax is to be paid to Velora at the begining of each week. If tax is not paid then you will most likely not recieve any help from any of the members higher up in the clan and/or be booted from the clan. Please send all tax gold to Velora with the description saying Weekly Tax.

If a member of the clan fails to pay clan tax without a valid reason they will be kicked from the clan.
TAX: 500 gold


When you need repairs done on your artifacts Waric will pay 40% of the repair cost and the other 60% will need to be sent to Marked_One. From there Marked_One will let Waric know that you need something repaired and they will do thier best to repair it as fast as possible.



This caln also pays extremely well for being one of the top fighters in the clan. It will hold tournaments each week. You will recieve clan mail letting you know of any up coming tournaments.
Waric will keep track of the tournament, as the tournament will be held over the course of the week. You will recive gold for every fight you participate in. The prize money for each fight will listed below. The player with the most wins over the course of the tournament will recieve the grand-prize. There will be 7 fights each week.

1st prize: 4,000 gold
2nd prize: 3,000 gold
3rd prize: 2,000 gold
4th prize: 1,000 gold
5th prize: 500 gold

GRAND-PRIZE: 10,000 gold and 1 free artifact of your choosing.

You will notice that only 5 players out of 6 can get prizes. This is because Velora herself will be the 6th participant.


!!BLACK LISTED!! (cannot apply for loans)
!!RED LISTED!! (cannot win prize gold from tournaments)

You will only be put on the black list or red list for not paying back your
loans on time or breaking clan rules..

3: Non Trusted Member (apprentice)
4: Non Trusted Member (fighter)
5: Non Trusted Member (warrior)
6: Non Trusted Member (fabled warrior)
7: Trusted Member (power monger)
8: Trusted Member (legendary)
9: Trusted Member (myth)
10: Trusted Member (god-like being)

1.Не в игре Lady Velora 5 The Founder 
2.Не в игре expeacemaker 7 Apprentice 
3.Не в игре soepaidjo 8  
4.Не в игре #7181h4nd 13 legendary 
5.Не в игре Kologarn 9  
6.Не в игре MrPoli 8  
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