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  #7425 The Witchers Guild [боевой клан] [00:00 - 14:00]
 11 героев, боевая слава: 600

 » Глава: Lord Yans
 » Заместитель: Lord Anatema

 » Казначей: Lord T64A

 » Вербовщик: Blackartus, Avzur
 » Летописец: Lord Nikt
 » Глашатай: MarkizaDeSade

 » Протокол

 Строения: Командный пункт, Тайное логово, Шатер альянса

 » Склад

Welcome to the clan "THE WITCHERS GUILD"


"Woe to you, on earth and sea,
for the Devil sends the beast with wrath,
beacause he knows the time is short...
Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast
for it is a human number,
its number, is six hundred and sixty six"



Tylko Polacy. Only Poles. Только поляки.
Wpisowe to koszt 5000 gold, czyli tyle ile wyslanie zaproszenia z klanu.



07-05-09 Anatema, Yans and Nikt buy TGI for clan "The Witchers guild"
09-02-09 08:32: Transferred item(s): from Yans to Nikt
09-15-09 10:51: Transferred item(s): from Nikt to Anatema
10-02-09 08:19: Transferred item(s): from Anatema to Blackartus
10-20-09 15:29: Transferred item(s): from Blackartus to Lioxhav
06-27-11 11:14: Transferred item(s): from Lioxhav to MarkizaDeSade
03-29-15 11:50: Transferred item(s): from MarkizaDeSade to Norka
08-11-15 22:54: Finish

08-12-15 14:10: We sold "Thief invitation" [1/1] for 515000 gold and conveyed gold to the clan


SEAT OF CLAN "Kaer Morhen"

We bought a house on the seat of Clan.
07-12-11 16:30: Acquired new Estates # 85 for 785,555 gold from the Empire
790,000 (purchase cost) + 1550000 (extension) = 2340000: 9 (number of members) = 260,000
Each clan member is obligated to pay 260k.




Armour........5 x 20%
Jewelcrafter. 5 x 22%

If you are interested in enchant just send a mail.



Repairing 90% - cost for persons from behind clan 105% value


"We want information, information, information.
Who are you?
The new number two.
Who is number one?
You are number six.
I am not a number, I am a free man.

the rest of the description soon :)

1.Не в игре Blackartus 13 Enchanter 
2.Не в игре MarkizaDeSade 12  
3.Не в игре Lord Yans 17  
4.Не в игре Norka 11  
5.Не в игре Lord Anatema 17 Lord of Kaer Morhen 
6.Не в игре Lord Nikt 19  
7.Не в игре Lord T64A 15 Clan Blacksmith 
8.Не в игре Lioxhav 15  
9.Не в игре Avzur 17  
10.Не в игре Svengalli 13  
11.Не в игре GolyDziade 8  
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