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  #7664 Armageddon
 5 героев

 » Глава: Neomag

 » Вербовщик: Mistop
 » Летописец: lexa7
 » Глашатай: Lady Zingarella

 » Протокол


STATUS of RUINS (clan rules):

1 Purpose of clan - to become a military clan and to have sensible members
2 To observe rules and terms of game
... (in progress)


1 LG = 360 gold or 2 ore/wood
2 LG = 720 gold or 4 ore/wood
3 LG = 1080 gold or 6 ore/wood
4 LG = 1440 gold or 8 ore/wood
5 LG = 1800 gold or 10 ore/wood
6 LG = 2160 gold or 12 ore/wood
Payment of taxes comes from first day of every month
Clan members can make donations to the treasure sometimes as well.


PIT-STOP (clan services):

Neomag - smith 40%
Igber - master of weaponsmith (4th level)
Pavl25 - jeweller ( 2nd level)



Battles and wars covered Earth from begining of world and nodoby knows when started conflict between Good and Evil. But chronicles are mentioned sometimes about misterious mount. Good and Evil always have same power, and last stand never happen until end of Great unknown battle. Light and dark forces will finish their debates at mount of Megiddo...
It were changing times, ran the century, changed face of brave heroes and dark villains. Nothing is permanent in this world, changes - the basis of everything. And only one place left an everlasting always flocked to the place where streams and rivers of change of nothingness. There on the last great battle will rise enormous power and decides the fate of the worlds ... Name of this mount is Armageddon, place of last stand!.


1.Не в игре Neomag 16  
2.Не в игре Lord Igber 8  
3.Не в игре Mistop 8  
4.Не в игре lexa7 12  
5.Не в игре Lady Zingarella 6  
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