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  #8134 Exploding Lemmings
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An exploding lemming is one of the most fearless warrior ever created, ready to follow any order even to self immolation against military objective.


#1 Respect all rules of the game.
#2 This is not a military clan.
#3 Donation to the clan are forbidden.
Breaking a rule has no effect on clan, but admin might fine you.


Exploding Lemmings membership is open to any character of Combat Level 5 or higher (sorry admin limitation).
Additional character can join as long as the entree fee is paid by the main character.
ENTRY FEE: 500 gold (a life membership costs).
We have no tax and we accept no donation.

To join the clan, send the entree fee with the following description to the Leader:
"fee for joining #8134 clan" or "fee for joining Exploding Lemmings"


The clan organize no official activity.

If you want you can organize a LEMMING CARD MATCH (only main character):
Each player is forbidden from choosing which card to use.
The first time you use or discard the first card from the left, the second time the second from the left, and so on. Once the rightmost card is reached you start again from the leftmost.
Suggestion: do not buy golden card.

If you want you can organize a LEMMING DUEL or a LEMMING GROUP BATTLE (only main character):
Each player get drunk before stating the battle (if legal for your age you can do it even in real life). Use one or more ale art before the battle start.

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