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  #9595 Immortal Dynasty [боевой клан] [00:00 - 14:00]
 150 героев, боевая слава: 2,672

 » Глава: merlin36
 » Заместитель: Igles

 » Воевода: rohanarora, LordNebiros92, -DarkKnight-
 » Казначей: thaidye15
 » Кладовщик: thaidye15, Hapkoman

 » Вербовщик: legend-bouc, vizzy, Mifistofel07, thaidye15, LordNebiros92
 » Летописец: Mocos, Elvian, Warrior2002, basion2, Patou, thaidye15
 » Глашатай: legend-bouc, Mocos, Elvian, Warrior2002, basion2, vizzy, Patou, rohanarora, thaidye15, -DarkKnight-, Hapkoman

 » Сайт клана: http://discord.gg/G6aSCfR
 » Протокол

 Строения: Командный пункт, Тайное логово, Башня шпионов, Шатер альянса, Тренировочный лагерь

 » Склад
Подсекторов под контролем: 1

1Green Wood-З3#348 Завод башенных щитов100%

***!!!Welcome to Immortal Dynasty!!!***

A clan for those happy to communicate in English, no matter where you are from or ability level :)

Founded by Siddi - Raised by Basion, Merlin & Mocos

Eagerly awaiting the return of great friends

What we offer you:

Our clan aims to prioritise member interaction and enjoyment over more traditional clan objectives of gold and event results.
Helping to organise and arrange hunting assistance, group battles, joint rangers/thieves, card games and more!

However, don't confuse this with thinking we aren't committed. Because of our close bond, we are passionate about our clan and its
members, and if called on we will fiercely defend our interests.

We aim to eventually work towards a sector to allow our members the opportunity to participate in defence battles at 100% rewards,
and to earn facility profits which are shared amongst the members and used to achieve our goals.

If you are willing to help clan in any way, either by Recruitment,Management,Advertisement etc.
All posts are opened for limited amount of time and will be provided to you if you are willing to support , and you will be
guaranteed a permanent spot in the Clan and its Staff if you prove to be useful during the clan's infancy.
Please contact Leader, Deputy or Clan Council members.


Clan Services:


Merlin36 ---> 90% for 101% (members 100%)
Sir Hablaty ---> 90% for 102% (members 100%)
Santremus ----> 90% for 101% cost.
thaidye15 ----> 90% for 101% cost (voted #1 in customer satisfaction by DC weekly)
Micatus ----> 90% for 101% (members 100%)
Elvian ---> 60% for 60%
Patou ---> 90% for 101% (100% for clan members and close friends else 101% and only when other Smiths are busy)
*Mocos* ---> 70% for 70%
*Beglis* ---> 90% for 103% (members 101%)


Merlin36 - W:4x9% A:4x12% J:4x12% will use any elements i have for free
Basion2 - W:3x9% - 150 Gold payback per element
Elvian - W:3x9% - 250 gold payback per element for clan mates.
Sir Hablaty - W:3x5% A:3x10% J:3x16% - Elements only
Patou - W:5x12% A:5x18% J:5x16% (I can open enchants 1% for trainee enchanters, and i'll finish your arts specially on weapons)
*Pavarty* - W:3x8% - 150 gold payback per element pair
Mocos - w:2x5% A:2x6% J:2x6% - 250 gold payback per element
666 Horror Evil - w 2x5% - Takes 100 gold / Hour
Mifistofel07 - W:3x6% A:3x5% J:3x10% - Elements only
Igles - W:3x7% J:3x5% - Elements and undying thanks as payback


enchanted weapons
enchanted armours
Seasonal artifacts
Event items for use in AG

All at great prices, just ask one of our council members for more info.


Requirements to Join:

• Combat level 5 or above.
• Must have clean transfer log.
• Willing to help and support clan for future defences/events.
• Reasonable level of activity, and communication with clanmates.
• 5,000 gold to cover the invite fee charged by the empress.
• Must be willing to go to Despacito Prison when idle in clan voice chat.

Contact Leader, Deputy or Recruiters for further details.

Special thanks to other donors :

2019-10-16 12:39: Received 100 Sulfur 100 Mercury from virtual_vitrea: Donation for clan building construction :)
2020-04-24 14:20: Received 100000 Gold from virtual_vitrea: Finish that construction already.
2020-02-19 20:38: Received 100 Sulfur 100 Mercury from Edwin: Little gift for your clan to help with Training grounds :)
2020-06-16 11:32: Received 100000 Gold from Eddy_immanuel
2020-09-03 17:56: Received 100000 Gold from eddy_immanuel: for clan(use it according to need)


MC Goals :

- increase deposit size
- increase strong artifact arts for all CL
- increase locations
- enchant clan arts
- help members with technical fights TG / CG / Events
- training members to develop quality roasting abilities

5/9 50th place Hunting Season
21/09 50th place Smugglers event
03/10 47th place Rogue Raids event
17/10 50th place Crusade event

1.Не в игре merlin36 17 [ENG] 
2.Не в игре Melna perle 13 450K+ donated 
3.В игре legend-bouc 15 [SLO][ENG] 
4.Не в игре Mocos 16 200K+ Donated 
5.Не в игре NoobGamerArmy 14 [ENG] 
6.Не в игре Elvian 15  
7.Не в игре Warrior2002 14 [ENG] 
8.Не в игре MyMight 15 [ENG][DEU][HRV] 
9.Не в игре BestNoobEver 13  
10.Не в игре BeefCast 11  
11.Не в игре DieSlowly 15  
12.Не в игре -jaksa- 14  
13.Не в игре ArwenEvenstar 14  
14.Не в игре basion2 17  
15.Не в игре mark22padre 10  
16.Не в игре Lordera 14  
17.Не в игре MKF 15 [DEU][ENG] 
18.Не в игре Igles 16  
19.Не в игре homurik 16  
20.Не в игре zoux2 12  
21.Не в игре laskar_raya 12  
22.Не в игре zzzqq 14  
23.Не в игре vizzy 13  
24.Не в игре silver1294 11  
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26.Не в игре king_dave 14  
27.Не в игре CroneBigTex 10  
28.Не в игре kingB11 10 [ENG] 
29.Не в игре SuraMan21 12  
30.Не в игре Arkan_1 21  
31.Не в игре Sir Hablaty 16 [HUN][ENG] 
32.Не в игре H3CK3N5TR0LCH 13  
33.Не в игре 666 Horror Evil 14 [RU] 
34.Не в игре Xallo 12  
35.Не в игре SkyVoice_ 9  
36.Не в игре LooToS 14 [RU][ENG] 
37.Не в игре KRISH0608 12 [ENG] 
38.Не в игре Qwiker 15  
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40.Не в игре Calvinou 16 [FRE][ENG][ITA] 
41.В бою Patou 18 [FRE][ENG] 
42.Не в игре Tony 19 [PL][ENG] 
43.Не в игре Kaistis 16  
44.Не в игре urdit 15  
45.Не в игре cool_knight 15 [HIN][ENG] 
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