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This is the clan for lords who are from Vietnam or who love Vietnam.

How to join:
First send 750 gold to nnt000, then send a mail in order to identify yourself, then we will send you the invitation which will be located at the bottom right corner of your character page, then click yes to join.( There are no taxes)
Tell your friends or the people in a group battle if they want to join, its the best way to grow the clan.
1. Do not go AFK in battles, because it will waste your artifact's durability and your team mates too.
2. Dont make unfair battles like 3 on 2, this will never make other players to join and its unfair.
3. Never swear, other pleayers will report you, and you will get banned.
4. And no second accounts in the clan, only your main.

Tips to have a better army

1. If you are a level 6 or higher, get basic morale then rally, it will increase your troop count greatly.
2. If you are level 5 just get basic luck, because escort isnt very useful, it only get your hero to escort one creature and it doesnt do much damage.
3. save up gold to get the best artifacts, with the most durability, becuase after you sell it, you still get lots of money or resources.
4. Its better to hunt by yourself than with other people, you'll get all the experience points, get a hunter assistance when the threat level is hard or challenging.
5. Buy cheap artifacts and sell them for higher prices but lower than the other prices.

More hints coming soon...

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