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  #7412 Wolf Clan
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 » Глава: Ukak
 » Заместитель: Sylin

 » Протокол

<<<<Welcome to the Wolf clan>>>>
The rice is my brother, the wind is my sister, and the sun is my friend. I never lack for companions.
A man taught me to fight; a wolf taught me to live.

Why should you join?
For freedom!
For the pack!
For the Wolf!

Members are given names based on units from the Wolf Clan from the game Battle Realms.

Want to join? PM Ukak. No entry fee.

Note: the real goal of the clan is to keep this game alive.

1.В игре #9595Ukak 15 Pack Master 
2.В игре #7490Sylin 12 Wildeye 
3.Не в игре Lord Hallion91 15 Pitch Slinger 
4.Не в игре Prewelec 21 Longtooth 
5.Не в игре Pilot666 22 Grayback 
6.Не в игре ayush20 15 Brawler 
7.Не в игре #7490shubhamgoyal 17 Hurler 
8.Не в игре Dark_Snow 12 Ballistaman 
9.Не в игре #9595legend-bouc 15 Berserker 
10.Не в игре #7705VijuT 10 Digger 
11.Не в игре #7705SHadyReaper 12 Spirit Wolf 
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