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  #7136 Dragon Heroes
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 » Глава: ppt_dragon
 » Заместитель: MoxSapphire

 » Вербовщик: IcyFire, aprilshower, eddy_fish, GGW
 » Летописец: IcyFire, aprilshower
 » Глашатай: IcyFire, aprilshower, eddy_fish, GGW

 » Сайт клана: http://dragonheroes.ucoz.com/
 » Протокол

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WHO ARE WE? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We are Dragons. We are heroes from China or heroes loving China. In one of the oldest country in the world, China, Dragons (Long) are revered as representative of the primal forces of nature and spirit. We are longevity and with the power of nature, wisdom, magic and supernatural. We would like to come together as a clan to explore this new fantasy world of heroes and make new friends.

We offer our members:
--> Clan Discount Smith (repair 90% (MAX) of your art, you pay 105% repair amount
--> Clan Enchanters (enchant your arts to get additional damage or protection)
--> Good Communication (Clan Website and Forum. :)
--> Full Thief Set / Great Hunter Set Renting
--> Cheap Art Renting
--> Clan Tax System
--> Clan Donation & Clan Title
--> Friendly Clan
--> More are coming.
Please read following for detail.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How to join our clan? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Our clan is for Chinese players, but any players, who love China and want to be friends of us, are also welcome to join us.
Please transfer invitation fee 10,000 gold to ONE of MoxSapphire, GGW or aprilshower, and also send him an ingame msg.

~~~~~~~~~~ Clan Smith ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Clan smith:
IceFire: repair 90% (Max in game) for 105% of repair cost.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ Clan Enchanters ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Weapon Enchanters:
GGW (5x11%): FREE

Armor Enchanters:
IceFire (4x20%): Free

Jewel Enchanters:
aprilshower (4x20%): free

The elements you need:

Ignore targets defense (1%): 1 Moonstone, 1 Abrasive
extra damage with earth magic (1%): 1 Toadstool, 1 Meteorite Shard
extra damage with air magic (1%): 1 Windflower, 1 Witch Bloom
extra damage with water magic (1%): 1 Ice Crystal, 1 Viper Venom
extra damage with fire magic (1%): 1 Fire Crystal, 1 Tiger's Claw

decrease attack of charging stack (1%): 1 Moonstone, 1 Abrasive
air magic shield (2%): 1 Windflower
earth magic shield (2%): 1 Meteorite Shard
fire magic shield (2%): 1 Fire Crystal
water magic shield (2%): 1 Ice Crystal

nature magic spell efficiency bonus (2%): 1 Windflower, 1 Tiger's claw
air magic spell damage bonus (2%) + ingore earth shield 1%: 1 Windflower, 1 Meteorite Shard
earth magic spell damage bonus (2%) + ingore air shield 1%: 1 Meteorite Shard, 1 Tiger's claw
fire magic spell damage bonus (2%) + ingore water shield 1%: 1 Fire Crystal, 1 Abrasive
water magic spell damage bonus (2%) + ingore fire shield 1%: 1 Ice Crystal, I witch bloom

~~~~~~~~~~~ Clan Website & Forum and Clan MSN Group ~~~~~~~~

Plz vist our clan website, and register a ID same as your game ID. Don't forget to introduce yourself in our welcome forum.
I hope the clan website can give our clanmates a better communication place, and you will love it. :)

Our clan using QQ as off-game communication tool. Out group QQ #: 231225430 (for clan members who are able to understand and write in Chinese only).
CatTail is the admin of the QQ group.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Clan Donation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You are always welcome to donation gold to our clan to buy thief invitation and support other clan activity. Plz transfer your donation to aprilshower or MoxSapphire and note as "donation to our clan #136". And send him an ingame msg for remind.

As reward, you will earn titles and specific benefit.

Title ------------------ Donated gold ----------Tax discount
Angelic Dragon ------- 300,000+ ----- 100% off (Tax Free)
Diamond Dragon ------ 100,000+ --------------- 100% off (Tax Free)
Platinum Dragon ------- 75,000+ ---------------- 80% off
Golden Dragon --------- 50,000+ ---------------- 60% off
Silver Dragon ---------- 25,000+ ---------------- 40% off
Bronze Dragon --------- 10,000+ ---------------- 20% off
Iron Dragon ------------- 5,000+ --------------- no discount
Stone Dragon --------------- 1+ --------------- no discount

To respect the game rule:
Presents must not exceed 30% of the general property of the character, at the moment of transfer.

In our clan, your donation should be less than 30% of your GOLD (For a easier calculation, we don't consider the other general property). More than that, your donation will be returned to you.

You can find clan title benefit in the following page:

1.Не в игре #7279IcyFire 16 Diamond Dragon, Repair 90% 100% cost, Armor Ench 4*20% free 
2.В игре #7279aprilshower 19 Silver Dragon. Jewelcraft 4x20%:free 
3.Не в игре #7279mia-nana 14 Diamond Dragon 
4.Не в игре #7279iRice 14 Diamond Dragon 
5.Не в игре #7279dougdandan 12 Diamond Dragon 
6.Не в игре #7279cragg 14 Diamond Dragon (100000) 
7.Не в игре GGGG 13 Diamond Dragon 
8.Не в игре Lord herohero 11 Diamond Dragon (100,000) 
9.Не в игре function 15 Diamond Dragon 
10.Не в игре #4201bigwoood 15 Diamond Dragon 
11.Не в игре #7705Lord Zehir 12 Diamond Dragon, Star of Nov. & Dec. 2008 
12.Не в игре #7279eddy_fish 18 Diamond Dragon 
13.В игре #7279ppt_dragon 21 Diamond Dragon (100000) and junior daddy 
14.Не в игре silentwolf2000 11 Diamond Dragon 
15.В игре #7279Lord lifestream 15  
16.Не в игре cavalry 12 Silver Dragon 
17.Не в игре #7279GGW 18 Bronze Dragon. Weapon (3x10%) for FREE! 
18.Не в игре #7279Eviltitan 12 Diamond Dragon 
19.Не в игре Lady iwen 15  
20.Не в игре #7279LordNebiros92 13  
21.Не в игре #7279MoxSapphire 18  
22.Не в игре #7279Lord unnamed 15 Diamond Dragon 
23.Не в игре Vagrant999 8  
24.Не в игре mazekiller 8  
25.Не в игре Antim 17  
26.Не в игре #4201beggar 15  
27.Не в игре #7279vista 18  
28.Не в игре Lord lakee 12  
29.Не в игре Seeker9 9  
30.Не в игре Demilich 8  
31.Не в игре Evergreener 18  
32.Не в игре HaibaraAi 14  
33.Не в игре #7279nknowok 15  
34.Не в игре singlebear 8  
35.Не в игре LordHero 8  
36.Не в игре #7279pve 14  
37.Не в игре pegasusii 6  
38.Не в игре #7279zephyr_pro 16  
39.Не в игре #7279chestnutshell 7  
40.Не в игре #7279ancientbeast 8  
41.Не в игре hooost 8  
42.Не в игре Dignous 8  
43.Не в игре #7279fda 13  
44.Не в игре #7279cc109 7  
45.Не в игре #7279blueboat 8  
46.Не в игре Darrr 6  
47.Не в игре #7279sampex 7  
48.Не в игре Mickeymouse 6  
49.Не в игре van darkholme 8  
50.Не в игре #7279sqrr 10  
51.Не в игре BarbKing 16  
52.Не в игре Kingleoric 7  
53.Не в игре JackTang 9  
54.Не в игре bird6th 5  
55.Не в игре nemesis_wang 6  
56.Не в игре SunnyDaisy 17  
57.Не в игре liuker 16  
58.Не в игре #1209RevolutionRebel 19  
59.Не в игре #4201arcane_archer 12  
60.Не в игре KOF Z 17  
61.Не в игре #7279Erathia 18  
62.Не в игре #7705Spat13 14  
63.Не в игре #7279Catherine 11  
64.Не в игре Clarkyin 15  
65.Не в игре #7279Algonquin 10  
66.Не в игре #7279starfall0 15  
67.Не в игре adventurelw 16  
68.Не в игре #4201tomcat1976 12  
69.Не в игре #4201seven7up 11  
70.Не в игре #4201huitailang 14  
71.Не в игре #7279pokerkid 11  
72.Не в игре #7279relaxli 19  
73.Не в игре #7279NGYoBsiDian 14  
74.Не в игре Redreign 13  
75.В игре #928z_j_cd 18  
76.Не в игре #1209SwiftGirl 19  
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